Pistachio nougat


Bianco come il latte, soffice come un marshmallow e buono da leccarsi i baffi anche se non li hai. Il torrone morbido al pistacchio è una vera e propria goduria. Non si può dire di no!



PACKAGING: 200g flow pack

INGREDIENTS: Sicilian pistachio 40%, sugar, honey, egg white, glucose syrup, vanilla essential oil. Covering: wafer (potato starch, olive oil)



We only work with producers who create distinctive, sustainable products that are responsibly sourced. As a result, our products are unique and high in quality.



Nougat is a typical dessert of the Christmas period, made in different regions of Italy and around the world, it diversifies in terms of tastes and traditions. The soft pistachio nougat dates back to ancient times but it is difficult to understand where it came from. In Sicily there are two different terminologies to indicate soft pistachio nougat: cubbaita and giuggiulena, precisely to indicate a sweet made with honey and sesame. These two terms would suggest that it was the Arabs who brought the nougat to the Mediterranean basin, Sicily, Spain and throughout the rest of Italy.


To date, the most traditional of nougats is the one made with honey and almonds, but in Sicily the most popular seems to be the soft pistachio nougat. A white and soft tablet of honey and egg whites, with Sicilian green pistachios that give character and taste to this traditional product.

The soft pistachio nougat is a typical sweet of the Sicilian translation. Whole pistachios are covered with a soft mixture of honey, egg white and sugar and then covered with thin wafer sheets. A joy for your palate.



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