Az. Agr. G. Milazzo – Milazzo riserva V38AG metodo classico brut 750 ml


Milazzo Riserva V38AG a symbolic name. This is in fact the first bottler code that the then Control Institute attributed to our company with which it authorized us to bottle wines. A sparkling wine where the strength of Inzolia emerges, its Mediterranean character and its ability to evolve in such an interesting way over time, integrated by the extreme refinement of Chardonnay Milazzo. A luminous sparkling wine, with an intense yellow colour, accompanied by a very fine and persistent perlage. It releases hints of exotic fruit that blend into the crust of bread. Silky, soft and particularly elegant on the palate.


GRAPES: Inzolia dominant and Chardonnay

SOIL TYPE: Milici, plateau of marl origin with a high clayey component, strongly calcareous, rich in skeleton


HARVEST PERIOD: First half of August

COLLECTION METHOD: Manual in 14 kg boxes

VINIFICATION: The refinement of the spumante bases took place partly in steel, partly in oak barriques

MATURATION: The cuvée, with the addition of the liqueur de tirage, was sent to the second fermentation. The bottles were stacked where they remained on the lees for at least 48 months.

ALCOHOL: 12.5% vol

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