Torrisi’s was born out of the idea to bring the real Sicilian flavour to all those who love Sicily and its traditions.
Emiliano Torrisi, the founder, born and raised in Sicily, developed from a very young age a passion for genuine and authentic Sicilian products. In fact, since the age of 14, during summer holidays, he started to work for pastries, bakeries, restaurants and pizzeria around Sicily to discover what was behind the products he could simple see and taste.
“For me that was the best experience, learning day by day about the real and traditional flavour of Sicilian cuisine”.
After getting a degree in Marketing & Communication in Milan, Emiliano decided to move to London to improve his English. Here is where everything started!

Torrisi’s mission is to bring a pinch of Sicily into your home, throughout our products and our own recipe. We strive to constantly source the best raw materials for producing our own jars and delivering the best quality and authentic Sicilian products to your home.